John Hudson Award


 It is 30 years since John Hudson MBE retired as Honorary Secretary of Lincolnshire Badminton Association and he was unanimously voted in as President. At that time he set up a trust for junior badminton players, offering to quadruple any funds the LBA could raise for the venture. The fund was duly set up.

The aim is for the fund to provide financial encouragement to help budding junior badminton players achieve higher goals. The Trust Deed requires that nominations for the annual John Hudson Award are considered by the Junior Manager, County Captain and Chairman.

Under the Deed the principal fund cannot be touched but a payment of £50 (from the interest on the fund) is paid to the recipient each year to be used towards the cost of equipment, coaching fees, traveling etc. In recent years the LBA have topped up the fund as interest rates have not resulted in the required £50 and the LBA have now agreed to increase the award to the recipient to £100.

Thanks to John our President for providing this opportunity for juniors over the years.